EXCLUSIVE: Audio Recordings reveal more about Normann victims

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PHOENIX – For the first time since Peter Normann’s second-degree murder conviction, 3TV has obtained the audio recordings detectives with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office used to build their case against the internist.

We share the conversations with the friend of Normann’s first victim as well as the lead paramedic called out to Normann’s Anthem clinic.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Corey couldn’t believe it when he heard the news.

Corey says, "To have it that many times and not stop what you're doing, until someone makes you, to me was the horrific part."

On December 12, 2006 Ralph Gonzales went to Normann’s Anthem clinic to get liposuction surgery.

Ralph had arranged for his longtime friend to pick him up afterwards. Unfortunately when his friend called Ralph’s phone, it was Normann who answered.

Ralph’s friend told detectives, “The person on the phone said ‘This isn't Ralph, this is Dr Normann and Ralph's not going to make it’. I said ‘What did you do! Did you kill him?’ and Dr. Normann hung up on me!"

Stunned and confused, Ralph’s friend called back and that’s when Normann tried to cover it up.

"He said, ‘Did you know that Ralph had a heart condition?’ And I said, ‘Ralph didn't have a heart condition’. And he said, ‘Did you notice he was acting strangely?’ And I said, ‘He was acting fine’. I said was it the medication you prescribed to him. And he said, ‘what are you talking about’?"

So what happened to Ralph Gonzales? The lead paramedic described what took place when he arrived at Normann’s clinic that December day.

"I said I need the airway kit, we need to re-intubate this guy. The doctor started arguing with me about the intubation.

I said you're not going to be able to intubate him like that. The doctor forced the tube and right when we did that, the patient started bleeding out of his mouth.

I told the doctor if he didn't let go of that tube, I was going to break his (expletive) arm."

Normann insisted on riding with paramedics in the ambulance to the hospital that day and when they arrived, the paramedic knew Gonzales had no chance. He told detectives, "I said, ‘Doc, he's dead’. I said, ‘This guy hasn't had an airway for 30 minutes’."

Dr. John Corey told us, "This is so egregious. I think he's a serial killer."