Drought-driven dust storms continue to roll through Arizona

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PHOENIX - At least six major dust storms have blanketed the greater Phoenix area since July.

Meteorologists say all the dust is driven by the state's paltry rainfall so far this year.

"Probably the number one reason is the drought," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Ken Waters. "It's been particularly dry this spring and early summer, and you put on top of that the monsoon season this year has been really low as far as the amount of rain we've had."

Phoenix has had less than three inches of rain so far this year, compared to an average of nearly six inches by mid-September, according to the NWS.

Sunday night yet another dust cloud rolled into the Valley, kicking up dust an estimated 1,000 feet into the air.

The most impressive of the dust storms came on July 5 when a cloud stretching dozens of miles and rising thousands of feet into the air blanketed the Valley, grounding flights and drastically reducing visibility.