Pima County Sheriff looking for Gates Pass attackers

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A popular lover's lookout has become the target of armed robbers.  Investigators need your help finding a group of men who attacked several couples last month.

Beautiful valleys and peaks and quiet seclusion, a factor that made it easy for a band of thieves to strike at night.

"Four separate couples near the gates pass lookouts were robbed at gunpoint by the same subjects," said Deputy Dawn Barkman.

They took cell phones, money and other items in a round of robberies committed in the span of only thirty minutes.

Investigators say these violent crooks might be difficult to track down if not for the distinctive car they were driving.

"The vehicle description is very unique in that it's burgundy, possibly a Cadillac, and it has a white top and spoke wheels," said Deputy Dawn Barkman with the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Gates Pass visitors are shocked by the news.  For some families, it's a regular recreation spot.

"Any time we get visitors from out of state we come and show them and sometimes we come up here to enjoy the sites," said visitor Wendy Sakowski.

Visitors might think twice now before stopping by when it's dark.  But deputies insist they've got their eyes on the popular park.

"Whenever we have a patrol deputy that is not actively going from call to call we do have them going through the areas where they can just look around and see what's happening," said Dep. Barkman.

Investigators are looking for three suspects, one is a Hispanic man in his 20s with a goatee and thin build wearing a white shirt with red shorts. The other two are black men, one of them about 5'8" wearing a red polo shirt.

If you have information, call 911 or 88-CRIME.