Scottsdale woman not thrilled with $9,500 door

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – Angela Johnson has been waiting on her $9,500 door since April when she ordered it. 

"Well the door arrived," she says as she points to the giant glass door accessing her back patio.

But now that 3 On Your Side helped get it delivered and installed, she's still not exactly thrilled.

"When you pay $9,500 for a door, you expect it to be done with quality work."

To understand Angela’s frustration, you have to go back to our initial 3 On Your Side report a few weeks ago when Angela told us she had paid a total of $33,000 to a company called Paramount Windows.

Although the company installed numerous windows Angela had ordered, they were months behind installing that $9,500 glass door where plywood is temporarily installed.

Paramount Windows told 3 On Your Side at the time, that the hold-up was out of their hands due to the manufacturer.

However, as a good will intent, Paramount Windows agreed to mail Angela $2,500 for her troubles. They also agreed to do everything they could to expedite delivery of that door.

Although the door was installed within days of our involvement, Angela remains frustrated when she looks at the door. Mainly, she says, because the wood does not match very well at all. 

"It's different types of wood. You can clearly see this is not the same species as that," as she points at the door.

Not only does she say the wood look faulty, but Angela says she never did receive that $2,500 check as promised.
When we asked Paramount Windows about that check, they claim they mailed it and it was lost.

Asked why they didn't mail it out again, Paramount Windows acknowledged they just hadn't given to her yet but at our urging, they agreed to give the check to us so we could physically hand it on to Angela.

As for the so-called mismatched door, Paramount Windows says they are sending out an expert to determine if the wood is faulty, or if that's the way it should be.

Paramount Windows claims they're trying to resolve the issue the best they can. 

However, Angela says she's aggravated and the ordeal has exhausted her emotionally.

"All I want is what I paid for. I've done everything correctly. That's not too much to ask, especially when you spend that kind of money."