Teen suicide: 10 warning signs for parents should watch for

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PHOENIX -- Nearly 10,000 Arizona teenagers either considered or actually tried to commit suicide last year. It's a staggering number that puts Arizona at 10th highest teen-suicide rate in the entire country.

This week is Teen Suicide Prevention Week. Nikki Kontz, the clinical director of teen Lifeline, sat down with Kaley O'Kelley to talk about some of the warning signs parents might see if their children are in trouble.

1. Talking about death

2. Feeling depressing, sad or hopeless for more than two weeks

3. Feelings of "falling apart"

4. Increasing us of alcohol or drugs

5.  Acting impatient or impulsively, behaving recklessly

6. Changes in sleeping or eating habits

7. Isolation, withdrawing from friends, family and social activities

8. Extreme mood swings

9. Difficulty concentrating, having trouble at school

10. Giving away favorite things; leaving poems, diaries and the like to be found, especially those dealing with death, dying or overwhelming problems

Teen Lifeline has helped more than 500,000 teens and families since its inception in 1986.

Not only does Teen Lifeline provide peer-based counseling, it can also can assist parents whose kids are in crisis.

This weekend, singer Adam Smith is performing two concerts that are sponsored by the Phoenix Mercury. He'll be at Desert Ridge Friday evening and Tempe Marketplace Saturday evening. Proceeds from his song "A Friend is a Stranger" benefit Teen Lifeline. The song is available for download on CD Baby. It's 99 cents. The whole album is $5.

For more information about Teen Lifeline, call 602-248-TEEN or 1-800-248-TEEN.