Cooler weather on the way?

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PHOENIX – It looks like we could finally be getting a break from the unseasonably hot temperatures.

It’s still going to be hot Thursday, topping out at about 109 degrees, but change is in the air -- literally.

An area of low pressure is moving in from California and as it does, it’s going to bring some moisture and cooler air with it.

By Saturday, we could see some much-needed rain in the Phoenix metro area.

Some forecast models are predicting a temperature drop from 109 to possibly as low as 98 degrees. That means the winds that are part of the incoming low pressure could be quite strong.

For now, the southwestern portion of the state, including Parker, Blythe and Yuma, are under another excessive heat warning with highs expected to hit 112 degrees.

Here in the Valley, look for a bit of a cooling trend to start Friday. While the high will be an above-average 105, it looks like we’re going to top out at 100 on Saturday, which is right on the nose for the average high. Depending on which forecast model you’re looking at, Saturday’s high could be just 98.

Right now, Saturday afternoon and evening seem to be our best chance for storm activity. Very strong winds, hail and locally heavy rain are possible, according to the National Weather Service.