'Erotic educators' arrested in Phoenix Goddess Temple raid

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PHOENIX - Phoenix Police served search warrants on the Phoenix Goddess Temple Wednesday night and detained about a dozen men and women.

The Goddess Temple claims to be home to an ordained sisterhood that serves the community through a "sacred labor of love."  The temple has come under fire before over accusations that it is little more than a cleverly disguised house of prostitution.  

Temple visitors are encouraged to make a 'financial offering of support' for the services they receive from the sacred sisters, which include "Whole Body Healing", "Goddess Worship", and "Fantasy Role Play".  Suggested donations range from $204 to $807 according to the temple's website. 

The temple's calendar is full of various activities, including tartaric rituals, naked life-coaching, yoga, and prayer circles.

Police say the raid is the result of an ongoing investigation but would not say what charges the staff members could face.