Man accused of hitting younger brother with 5-foot wooden stick

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Bradford Daniel Courtney By Jennifer Thomas Bradford Daniel Courtney By Jennifer Thomas

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. – Maricopa County sheriff's detectives arrested a Queen Creek man for child abuse after he allegedly hit his 12-year-old brother with a 5-foot-long wooden stick.

On Tuesday, the victim told his teacher that his 29-year-old brother, Bradford Daniel Courtney, woke him up at about 12:30 a.m. and took him into the backyard where he hit him with the stick, according to court paperwork. The boy had bruises on his right thigh, lower back and buttocks.

The sheriff's office was contacted and the boy told investigators that his mother had grounded him for a month after he and a friend broke a neighbor's window one or two weeks ago. Courtney reportedly made it known to the victim that he didn't like the punishment.

After Courtney took the boy outside, he told him he was going to "punish him for reals" and whacked him five times with the stick, according to the paperwork. The stick was about 1 inch in circumference.

The victim said he tried to run away, but Courtney pushed him to the ground and covered his mouth with his hand to prevent him from screaming. Courtney then allegedly threatened his brother not to tell anyone.

The victim complained of discomfort but no medical attention was needed.

During an interview with detectives, Courtney reportedly admitted striking the victim at least five times and said that he planned the assault the previous day in order to teach his brother a lesson.

He was arrested and booked on one count of child abuse.