Phoenix man finally receives unclaimed money 1 year later

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - “Kind of reminds me of him,” Christopher Zei said.

He still keeps his dad's walking cane by the front door, two years after his death.

But that's just one of the ways his memory remains alive.

“He left stuff all over the place. So I was always looking like on unclaimed property sites and we were getting mail all the time that said hey, you got stock here, there, wherever,” he said.

For that reason, Chris says he wasn't too surprised when he looked on the Arizona Unclaimed Property Department website and found his dad had $1,000 plus stocks owed to him.

Chris and his brother were the beneficiaries when their dad passed away and say they're entitled to the unclaimed money they found.

So, Chris submitted a claim form and supporting documents to the department last September.

“I submitted the document and about a month later, I got a letter that said we’ve received your claim and it'll take four months for us to adjudicate it. And then, just waited,” he said.

But almost a year later, Chris is still waiting.

He says he's received several letters from the Arizona Unclaimed Property Department, even a notice his claim was approved.

But so far, the money hasn't shown up.

So he emailed 3 On Your Side.

“It's just been real frustrating and it’s unbelievable that it takes a year to get something that belongs to you,” Chris said.

3 On Your Side contacted the Department of Revenue which runs the Unclaimed Property Department.

It tells us when dealing with situations like the Zei's that involve wills can complicate the process because they have to be certain the money is going to right person.

But  just days after we contacted the department, a check for more than $1,000 came in the mail.

Chris says he's glad to finally have the cash, and thanks 3 On Your Side for making it happen.

“They were just about ready to conclude our claim and it was going to take another couple weeks but then when 3 On Your Side got on the case it was like the next day,” he said.

Chris also got the stock he was owed, but that is still being paid out by his bank.

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