Glendale woman says Painting Pros took money, abandoned job

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Elizabeth Layden was ready to give her Glendale home a new paint job plus some other minor touch-ups. 

She tells 3 On Your Side, "I wanted to paint it a different color, along with the whole block fence."

After getting six different estimates from contractors, Elizabeth chose a company called The Painting Pros, which she discovered from an advertisement she received in the mail.

Elizabeth says The Painting Pros was one of the cheaper estimates and the owner, Greg Thompson, seemed like a nice guy. "I really like him. That's why I hired him."

According to the estimate, the entire job was going to cost around $2,800 and Greg Thompson asked for $1,400 up front which Elizabeth gave him in cash.

What Elizabeth didn't know is that Thompson sub-contracted the job out but those sub-contractors, she says, walked off the job before ever getting out a paint brush.

"They took one look at the house and the amount they said they were getting paid and then they turned around and they abandon the job."

Upset and worried about the $1,400 she already gave, Elizabeth demanded her money back from Greg Thompson but he never returned it so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

Over the phone, Thompson promised me he'd give all the money back but he didn't.

The address he prints on his estimates comes back to his parents’ house in Paradise Valley so I went to their home.
A woman indentifying herself as Greg's sister answered the door but she wasn't interested in talking and abruptly closed the door.

As for Elizabeth, she remains frustrated and angry saying if she ever sees Greg Thompson again, she'll tell him, "Give the money now, now!! Right now!”

Elizabeth has filed a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, which is investigating this case.

Thompson tells 3 On Your Side he will return the money by Sept. 10 due to “cash flow problems.” We’ll see if he makes good on his promise and 3 On Your Side will bring you an update.