Tucson firefighter honored by Humane Society

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- This week as we remember 9/11 Americans will be paying tribute to our emergency responders.

That includes a Tucson Firefighter being recognized by the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Carrie Clark takes care of four dogs, but this firefighter's mission to help animals started with Batman.

"He had these real big pointy ears.  One would stand up and the other was a half floppy ear," said Clark.

Carrie discovered the stray back in July.

"Each day I would stop and try to approach him and he would run away but he would always come back to the same spot, he sat on this corner," said Clark.

For a week Carrie would bring the dog food and water as he sat in the summer heat.  Then one day Batman wound up trapped within the fenced yard of a vacant house.

"With this piece of chicken I was able to get the dog to let me get close enough to him and once I did I slipped my leash over his neck," said Clark.

Then Carrie used a box to hop the fence while carrying the dog.  She took Batman to a shelter.

"Probably one of the biggest things that drew me to her from the get go just her compassion," said Capt. Gordon Clark with the Tucson Fire Department.

Carrie's husband Gordon is a Tucson fire captain who admits coworkers give her a hard time about her passion for pooches.

"They always kind of joke around, 'Oh, I was working with your wife the other day and she stopped and had to pet like four five dogs on our way back to the station,'" said Gordon Clark.

Batman's story gets even better.  He was adopted.  Since then, Carrie has started caring for foster dogs like rascal.

"He loves the other dogs, he lives and dies to play," said Carrie Clark.

In fact Carrie and Gordon are looking for a house with a bigger yard so they can prepare more dogs for adoption.

"In the end all I really care about is that these animals got another chance at life," said Carrie Clark.

If you'd like to adopt rascal, contact the rescue group "In the Arms of Angels."

They host adoption events every Sunday at the Petco on 22nd Street and Old Spanish Trail.