5 Common workout mistakes and how to avoid them

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PHOENIX -- Fitness pro Chris Powell, aided by his lovely wife, Heidi, showed Scott Pasmore and Tara Hitchcock the five most common workout mistakes and how to avoid them.

"Most of us, we just don't think about this stuff," Powell said. The mistakes are easy to fix and doing so can help take your workout to the next level.

Mistake #1 -- Skipping the warm-up
All you need is five minutes to get your body moving and the blood flowing. Warming up can help prevent injuries

Mistake #2 -- Over-training
Wait two two days between every muscle group to give your muscles the chance to recover. In other words, don't work the same muscles two of three days in in a row.

"You can't build the muscle if you don't give it rest," Heidi said.

"They need that rest and recovery to grow," Powell continued.

Mistake #3 -- Racing through the reps
Slow down! Count to two for each move -- two count up and two count down. It's important to focus on that down motion, especially if you're trying to grow your muscles.

Mistake #4 -- Steady-state cardio
Mix is up. To maximize your time and burn more fast, intervals are key and can work wonders. Do high intensity for a minute, followed by slow intensity for a minute.

"It helps you burn the fat," Heidi said.

Mistake #5 -- Stick to your rest schedule
It's easy to get involved in a conversation, but you definitely want to keep an eye on the clock. If you're on a 30-second rest, stick to it.