Parents and children take advantage of free literacy event at Tucson Children's Museum

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- While many Tucsonans spent Labor Day grilling or taking a dip in the pool. Hundreds of children were hitting the books and running around the exhibits at the Tucson Children's Museum.

Esperanza Nott took advantage of the free admission day at the Children's Museum.

Nott has a packed schedule and she says Labor Day was the perfect time to have some fun with her daughter Hannah.

"I go to school full time and well she goes to Head Start.  It's really hard to spend quality time, good quality time with her," said Nott.

Hundreds of families and their kids were cruising through the halls of the museum for the Love of Literacy event.

"It's a chance for families to come out on a holiday on this great overcast weather so it's not too hot just to be able to enjoy spending quality time together and really drive home the importance of literacy in the lives of our youngest children," said Michael Luria from the Tucson Children's Museum.

The importance of literacy is so great to the Children's Museum that it has designated events to encourage youngsters to read.

"Literacy is really important for children so much so that the museum in the last couple of years has created a whole program called early childhood education and its really a literacy program for age four and under," said Luria.

Ryan is a first grader and he spent part of his day reading to a new friend.

"[I was] reading to the dog, because I like reading and learning," said Ryan.

This is the first time in a few years that the museum has put on a literacy event.  They plan on doing more soon.

There were about a dozen or so booths at the event that allowed kids to color, play, and pick out books.