Tucson council members unhappy with Letcher's job performance

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- City Manager Mike Letcher might soon be out of a job.

There may be enough votes on the Tucson city council to fire the city manager.

This comes after a series of management problems involving the city's 911 center and parking program.

The first council meeting in over a month is set to be a hot one.

At Councilwoman Shirley Scott's request, the council will review management of the Parkwise Program, which is a way of saying it's time to take a look at Letcher's job performance.

"Quit harassing your employees.  Start doing your job or we're going to find someone who will," said Councilman Steve Kozachik.

Councilman Kozachik says he's had enough, it's been one too many mistakes, first 911, then Parkwise and now this memo.

It's a memo meant for mayor and council about the Parkwise investigation in which thousands of dollars are missing.

Letcher says it was leaked.

"There is no leak to the media when we're talking about a document that's in the public domain," said Kozachik.  "Everybody in City Hall knows that you're bringing in employees to try and find this leak."

Plus there are several discrepancies in the memo. On page one Letcher claims no parking meters were compromised, but just two pages later it says 92 canisters were broken into.

"The taxpayers simply want their elected employees to stand up in front of cameras and stop with the BS and tell it like it is," said Kozachik.

If the council moves forward to terminate Letcher, he would be Tucson's second consecutive city manager to get canned.  Mike Hein was fired in April 2009 as Letcher looked on.

"I, as one vote on the council, feel like its time for a change," said Kozachik.

Four votes are needed to replace Letcher.  Most council members aren't publicly speaking out, out of respect for Letcher. But they say they're very concerned about the city's latest incidents.

"We'll have a new mayor and a new city manager-- I am hopeful-- so city government can function in a way people can have more confidence in," said Kozachik.

Council members are set to meet Wednesday.