Lindas Drug Store Beauty

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I love shopping at drug stores.  I can stroll around a Walgreens or a CVS for an hour just looking around.  And usually, when it comes to beauty products, when I have a problem that I need solved, I first hope I can find something at a drug store before having to go to a specialty beauty store or counter.  And the reason is simple.  I want to save money.

Plus, now the mainstream drug stores all have a special “As Seen On TV” aisle or shelf.  I absolutely cannot pass by those items without looking.  So, armed with my list of beauty-type problems, I hit my local store to find some solutions.  Here are some that I really liked – and several were from the infamous “TV” aisle. 

Problem:  High heels … flats ….high heels…flats…
Solution:  Style Snaps

Problem:  Ugly, cracking feet
Solution:  Heel•Tastic

Problem: Feet need a good “car washing!”
Solution: Easy Feet

Problem:  I wanna wear a dress, panty-hose are out of style, my legs have flaws.
Solution:  The Right to Bare Legs

Problem:  I want a new, affordable lip gloss that won’t vanish in 15 minutes
Solution:  Rimmel Stay Glossy

Problem:  People on a budget deserve nice eyelashes, too!
Solution:  Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum

Problem:  Why can’t they make ponytail ties that won’t break or slide down my hair?
Solution:  Scunci no slip grip

Problem:  I want a professional eye-shadow look but I have no clue how to apply more than 1 color.
Solution:  L’Oreal Studio Secrets One Sweep

Problem:  I’m old.
Solution:  Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer (night)

I like all of these items and gadgets.  None are expensive and they deliver.  Give them a shot.

Live and Learn.