Sun City couple has big screen problems

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

SUN CITY, Ariz. – When a Sun City couple's television broke, they tried to get it fixed.

However, two big problems stood in their way. The first issue is that their extended warranty company reportedly went out of business. The second problem is that the part of their TV that needs to be fixed has been on backorder for months.

The retired couple, Sam and Mattie Sellier, say one of their favorite past times is watching TV.

"That's our entertainment, that's our social life. Other than going to the grocery store or the doctor so we do need a TV," Mattie tells 3 On Your Side.

Lately, however, Sam and Mattie have been watching a small 19-inch television set because their 40-inch Mitsubishi model broke.

At first they weren't too worried because they had bought an extended warranty when they purchased their Mitsubishi.
"I will warn people not to ever buy an extended warranty," Mattie says.

That's because the warranty company is reportedly out of business and Mattie could never get through on the phone.

Not only that but the part that was broken on their TV, according to Mitsubishi, was on back order for several months.

"I'm upset, I'm frustrated and aggravated."

Unable to do anything about the warranty company, 3 On Your Side contacted Mitsubishi which agreed to expedite a new part to Denny's TV and Appliance.

Within just a few days, the repair company fixed and delivered the big screen TV back to Sam and Maddie.

Remember, this TV wasn't supposed to be repaired for months due to a backordered part. However, with a little nudging from 3 On Your Side and the repair company, Mitsubishi got it here.

"Thanks to Gary Harper and to Denny's. We appreciate it," says Mattie.

Now, with the big screen TV working again Sam and Mattie say they can get on with more important things, such as playing electronic bowling on their TV.

A big thank you goes out to Mitsubishi for rushing the part like they did.

As for the repair bill, Sam and Mattie were stuck with it because the extended warranty company went out of business. That's why most consumer advocates say stay away from extended warranties on all products.