Natural cancer treatments can be successful

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PHOENIX - Cancer patients looking for an alternative to traditional methods might be interested in looking into the natural treatments offered at NatureWorksBest Natural Cancer Clinic.

Dr. Colleen Huber works with patients in all stages of battling a variety of cancers using natural treatments.

NatureWorksBest Natural Cancer Clinic opened in 2005.

Dr. Huber said the clinic sees a 93% success rate with people who have completed treatments. They see complete remission for some patients through scans and for others through yearly follow-ups showing good patient health.

The data over the years really shows that the natural way can work.

The clinic treats people with a high dose of intravenous nutrients, since it is nearly impossible to swallow that many pills, according to Dr. Huber.

The treatments are targeted to kill cancer cells, while patients keep their hair and maintain strength.

Patient Brad Cass didn't want to do traditional treatments, so he moved to Arizona from Kansas City to receive natural treatments from NatureWorksBest. He is on a combination natural treatment along with a prescription drug that targets lymphoma. The natural treatment keep his energy and immune system up to aid in battling his cancer. During treatment, he has seen the mass go down 90%, so he is seeing success.

Last September, patient Kelley Mendez was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her liver. Through treatments at NatureWorksBest she feels great and continues doing things that she always did. In fact her tumor is now mostly benign and hasn't grown in size.

Dr. Huber said the earlier patients come to NatureWorksBest for treatment, the better their chance is of going into remission.

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