Not everything is as it seems in 'The Debt'

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX – A few years ago, a film in Israel earned four nominations in what would be the equivalent of our Academy Awards. The story was so incredible, a group of filmmakers decided to do an American version.

“The Debt” follows three Mossad agents who, years later, are still dealing with the effects of some decisions they made while on a mission.

Tara Hitchcock says it’s one of her favorite films so far this year. She had the chance to sit down with actors Sam Worthington (“Avatar,” “Clash of the Titans,” “Terminator Salvation”) and Jessica Chastain (“The Help,” “The Tree of Life”), as well as director John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love,” “Proof”).

Madden actually had to stop Hitchcock during the interview to keep her from giving away too much of the plot.

“Espionage literature is always about … where do you find your true self in that equation,” he said. “That’s the stuff of this kind of story, and certainly this one. It’s about the pressures that build up under that.

“It’s the kind of movie where you want to say to people, ‘OK, thing are not necessarily what you think they are,’” Madden explained.

Tom Wilkinson and Helen Mirren also star.

“The Debt” is rated R. It’s in theaters now.