Woman who recorded and reported child abuse talks

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GILBERT, Ariz. – Alexandrea Kingsley, 18, only knew Jessica Callaway, 21, and her 10-month-old daughter, Laura, for about a month. 

The three only lived together a couple of weeks but it didn’t take long for Kingsley to realize the mom’s bad behavior, record it and report it.
“I wanted to get up and grab her, hold her in my arms and keep her safe, but the smartest decision was to sit there and make the video because without that video I'd have no proof,” Kingsley said.
Kingsley said she needed proof that her friend and roommate was abusing the baby because, "It wasn't the first time she hit the baby. I’d seen it before.”
Kingsley had compiled a long list of terrible things done to Laura in the last couple of weeks.
“She would leave the baby in dirty diapers until they were so heavy they were falling off her,” Kingsley said. “There's times she yelled, ‘I wish I never had you, maybe I should just give you away, you're such a mistake I hate you, you piece of….”
Kingsley said Callaway even blew marijuana smoke in the baby's mouth and gave her medicine to make her sleep. So when Callaway was angry Friday night, Kingsley pretended to be texting on her phone when in reality she was recording.
You can hear Callaway yell at the baby, “You better shut up.” You can also hear the baby scream and get smacked on the leg and in the face.
“I showed my dad and called the cops,” Kingsley said.
Callaway was arrested. Her excuse for the abuse, according to court records, was that she was having a bad day and unable to find an outfit to wear out.

Kingsley just hopes little Laura won't have to experience another one of those bad days.

“My hope is she has a better chance and will find a loving family that will care for her and giver her everything she needs and deserves,” she said.
Callaway is out on bond but has been charged with three counts of child abuse.