Antique, gold worth more than you think at E.D. Marshall Jewelers

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Gold coins or gold jewelry can be worth more at E.D. Marshall Jewelers and with record historic prices, gold can be worth more then you think.

At E.D. Marshall Jewelers you can sell your gold or valuables for great prices. They buy antiques, jewels, paintings and just about anything that may have value.

Selling gold is still big business, going for up to $1,700 an ounce, historically high prices and a great deal.

E.D. Marshall makes it a priority to make sure silver items are resold, as they don't want to see them be melted down. They do realize though some items are going to be nothing more than melted when sold to the store.

Looking past selling your gold for cash, a gold Rolex watch with diamonds is worth around $20,000.

Customers can go there not just for the gold, but one of the bit collection items are samurai swords, which are bought for $12000 to $14000 depending on the swords condition.

E.D. Marshall has lots of locations around the Phoenix-metro.

There is no appointment needed to have someone look at your item, as anyone at their locations can determine its value.

If you have an item appraised somewhere else and E.D. Marshall sees the value, they might offer you more for the item.

There is an offer to 3TV viewers, you can get an extra 3% on top of E.D. Marshall's best offer if you mention Your Life A to Z.