Tucson primary election results

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- In the Ward One city council race, incumbent Regina Romero wins the Democratic nomination by a more than 3-to-1 margin over challenger Joe Flores.

And in the Green Party's mayoral primary Mary DeCamp beats Dave Croteau 70% to 24% with write-ins receiving 5%.

Republican Mayoral write-in candidate Rick Grinnell received nearly 6,000 votes, easily surpassing the 1,060 votes needed to secure a spot in the General Election.

Tucson's Democrats gathered Tuesday night at the River Park Inn on 22nd Street just west of Interstate 10.

Uncontested Democratic Mayoral candidate Jonathan Rothschild said he was not surprised Grinnell achieved his nomination but is confident of the outcome in November.

Tucson Republicans gathered Tuesday night at a northside restaurant to review the returns from their three essentially uncontested races.

This was Tucson's first-ever "vote-by-mail" election but city electons officials still set up seven polling locations for people who didn't send in their ballots on time.

Even before the counting began Tuesday night the city reported a record 15% turnout, well above the previous primary mark of 12.6%.