Interview: Prescott man hit with a stun gun by police

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PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- A man who was hit twice with a stun gun by an officer in Prescott last week, saw the video footage of the incident for the first time.

Robert Denoyelles, 41, who has a history of mental problems, was accused of harassing customers at the Golden Corral restaurant on Friday.

An officer from the Yavapai-Prescott Tribal Police Department got involved, ordering Denoyelles to put his hands up and turn away from him.

Police documents say Denoyelles "approached this officer in an aggressive manner" saying he was "not afraid of the Taser."

Cell phone video shows Denoyelles with his hands raised, but he did not turn around.

Denoyelles saw the footage for the first time today. It was obviously hard for him to watch.

"I'm just really really frustrated and my neck and everything is hurting," said Denoyelles through tears.

Witnesses give conflicting accounts of what happened.

"It was just too much excessive force, I mean the guy didn't move, the guy didn't say anything, he didn't charge the officer, the officer just charged him in the belly," said Tim Spurgeon.

Janet McClaren disagrees. "The officer told him at least 10 times, at least 10 times to turn around."