Ninth day of excessive heat taking its toll

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PHOENIX -- The ninth day of Excessive Heat warnings in the Valley are wearing down even the most hardened veterans of the heat.

Tuesday afternoon, firefighters from Phoenix and Glendale teamed up to fight a blaze at a fabrication warehouse.  The heat proved to be too much for one firefighter who took himself off of the line after already feeling under the weather.

"It had nothing to do with the firefight," said Captain Jorge Enriquez with Phoenix Fire.  "He just didn't feel good...the heat and smoke didn't help it."

At 32nd Street and Cactus Road a Big Lots is operating under excessive circumstances, with air conditioning that is spotty, at best. 

At the registers, cashiers are using fans to stay cool and the store put two huge single unit air conditioners in up front to try and bring the air temperature down from 80 degrees.

"It wasn't cold when you go in," said Julio Rodriguez, who was out shopping Tuesday afternoon. You notice the cold coming out [when you walk in], and there was nothing."

Staff say they're trying their best to keep customers cool. 3TV reached out to Big Lots for comment on when the air would be fixed, but has yet to hear back.