Former Nogales mayor sentenced

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was September of last year that ex-Nogales Mayor Octavio Garcia Von-Borstel was arrested for charges that ranged from fraud to money laundering.

After agreeing to a plea deal two months ago, Garcia was sentenced Monday.

Late this afternoon Octavio Garcia Von-Borstel learned the length of time he would spend behind bars.

Prosecutors wanted the max, a four-year sentence. The ex-mayor in June pleaded no contest to a criminal fraud charge.

Assistant Attorney General Mike Jette considered the outcome satisfactory.

"Its unfortunate that a public official has to be prosecuted and sentenced but I feel very pleased that justice has been served here today,"

Before being sentenced, Garcia apologized for his actions.  As he walked off in handcuffs, the reality set in for his family.

"His family friends and supporters are all disappointed that he has to spend anytime what so ever in custody, they're in shock I think that they were hoping for quite frankly I was to that he would get the minimum,"

The family could get a second dose of reality when the father Octavio Garcia Suarez is sentenced in October.

His sentencing was pushed back because of an immigration issue.

"Although he is a legal permeant resident alien and has been for many, many years because of the plea there maybe some immigration ramification, it will be a lot easier to do it while he's out of custody,"

The father faces between two and four years for the two charges he plead guilty to.

After finishing his 3.5 year prison sentence, Garcia will be on probation for seven years.