MissNowMrs.com makes name changes easy for newly married

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PHOENIX -- With all the preparation that goes into the big day, a bride's work generally is not done when the wedding is over and the last reception guest leaves.

Many women decide what they're going to do about their name before say "I do," but one you tie the knot, becoming an official Mrs. and changing your name after the wedding can be time consuming.

Danielle Tate learned by experience when she got married in 2005. The hassles she encountered prompted her to start the website MissNowMrs.com. It's designed to simplify the name-changing process for newlyweds.

According to Tate, completing three easy steps on MissNowMrs.com will save you as much as 13 hours of legwork.

Not only does the site fill out all of the necessary forms for you, it also provides specific instructions for filing them.

While the process and requirements are different for each state, the site is set up to know exactly what you need. It has the proper information for all 50 states and Canada.

"With 85,000 customers to date, we hear it all," Tate said.

The MissNowMrs.com service costs $29.95 and even has gift cards. (Shower gift!) The only thing you need to get started is valid marriage certificate. Once you set up your online account, you have six months of unlimited access to the site to fill our your forms so you don't have to do everything at once if you don't want to.

For more information, visit www.MissNowMrs.com.