Excessive heat: End (finally) in sight?

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PHOENIX – It’s been a record-breaking August weather-wise and people are ready for it to be over.

The National Weather Service has once again extended an excessive heat warning it first issued last Monday. Originally set to expire last Thursday, the NWS has extended the warning several times and it’s now slated to expire Friday night.

The record for the most days under an excessive heat warning is nine. We’ll tie that record Tuesday and break it Wednesday.

That’s not the only record to fall by the wayside this August.

With an average daytime high of 108 degrees and an average low of 87, it’s going to down as the hottest August on record. The seasonal average is about 104.

We also set four record highs, including the hottest August day ever (117 last Friday), and set or tied five record warm lows. All of those records were set within the last week.
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Plan on a high of 111 degrees under mostly sunny skies Tuesday. Clouds should start moving in Wednesday. The mercury is forecast to top out at 110.

We’ve been keep track of the how many 110-plus days we’ve had this year. The average is 19. So far this year, we’ve had 29. Today could make 30 and tomorrow 31, which is just one day shy of record of 32. That was set in 2007.

The good news, in addition to some slightly cooler temperatures, is that our dry spell could be coming to an end. Thursday brings a 20-percent chance of showers and a high of only 108. Only in Arizona can we say “only 108” and actually mean it.

Thursday and into Friday are looking like our best chance for rain, but the chance will stay in the forecast through the weekend.

At this point, Labor Day Monday is looking to be about 106 degrees and dry.

Records -- National Weather Service

Average daily high (through Aug. 28) -- 108.6
Previous record was 107.3 in 1962

Average daily temperature (through Aug. 28) -- 98
Previous record was 96.2 in 2007

Average daily low, warmest (through Aug. 28) -- 87.3
Previous record was 86.1 in 2007

Daily highs
Aug. 22 -- 113 (previous was 111 in 1999)
Aug. 23 -- 114 (previous was 112 in 1985)
Aug. 25 -- 113 (previous was 112 in 2001)
Aug. 26 -- 117 (previous was 114 in 2001)

Daily lows, warmest
Aug. 24 -- 90 (previous was 90 in 2010, 2007, 1999)
Aug. 25 -- 92 (previous was 89 in 1981, 1985)
Aug. 26 -- 93 (previous was 87 in 2010)
Aug. 27 -- 90 (previous was 87 in 1998)
Aug. 28 -- 89 (previous was 88 in 2005)

All-time hottest day in August
Aug. 26 -- 117
Previous was 116 on Aug. 10, 2003, Aug. 4, 1975, and Aug. 1, 1972