Arizona is worst state in U.S., according to popular blog

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Sure, it's hot. But is Arizona the worst state in the nation? One popular blog seems to think so.

While, a left-leaning news and gossip blog, does mention the state's miserable heat, it's mostly annoyed by the political climate, specifically the passage of Senate Bill 1070 last year.

In fact the website calls the Grand Canyon State a "hissing snake pit of angry old white people."

Governor Jan Brewer was nicknamed a "perky-eyed psychopath".while Sheriff Joe Arpaio was dubbed an "insane lunatic cowboy wannabe."

"I'm just a little old sheriff, just trying to do my job... that's never had a cowboy hat and a six gun," said Arpaio. He also says he's been called worse.

Richard Lawson is the staff writer who put the article together. "I think right now you guys are the whipping boy for a bigger political anger or displeasure with how things are going."

Lawson assures that the article is mostly tongue in cheek. In fact, he actually likes Arizona and has been here several times.

"We weren't trying to offend anyone, it was just a silly way to talk about what a crazy country this is."

Times Square's 'Naked Cowboy' is proof of that.  Behind Arizona, in the No. 2 spot is Alabama, then Utah, New Jersey and Mississippi rounds out the Top 5.

Lawson says a staff of 12 decided the list. New York, where Gawker is based, was chosen as the best state in the nation.