Ten Under Ten: 10 Drug Store Beauty Finds All Under 10 Bucks

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At the end of every month, I get the inside scoop from the cosmetic department at Walgreens about which beauty products are popular among customers and which items are loved by the staff.  Take a look at this month’s top 10 under $10….

1. Revlon Scented Parfume Nail Polish ($3.99) – Are you ready for this?  Revlon brings us nail polish that is scented when dry.  Try Bubble Gum or the Mad About Mango scent.  Perfect for a teenage slumber party!

2. L’Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow ($9.99) – With this shadow trio and unique applicator, users can apply three shades with one sweep.  Talk about multi-tasking!  My Walgreens contacts tell me that their customers are digging this one-step-does-it-all eye shadow.  I tried it and it did work, although I still filled in a few areas after the application.  I like that the eye shadows are labeled by which eye color matches the shadow shades.

3. Schwarzkopf got2b POWDER’ful Volumizing Styling Powder ($6.49)  -- For an instant root boost, this powder stick works in 10 seconds or less.  Simply shake a small amount into your palm and rub hands together.  Powder disappears, but hair gets immediate volume.

4. Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray ($7.99) – This organic, sulfate and sodium-free spray protects hair that is flat-ironed, while also adding a glow and shine.  Unique ingredients like cocoa nut oil and avocado oil helps hair to stay healthy and shiny.

5. Sally Hansen Mighty Mini Tweezers ($5.99) – My Walgreens beauty consultant tells me that her customers love this product because these tweezers are smaller and easy to use.  Plus, the handle has a non-slip handle that is nice and easy to work with.  

6. EOS Shave Cream ($3.99) – Perfect for a camping trip or a quick fix, this shaving cream enables gals to shave without water.  So EOS gives gals a nice dry shave.

7. Basis Cleansing Cloths ($4.79) – New from Basis, their delicate cleansing product now comes in handy cloths.  Great for travel and for your teen’s back pack.  Each individually-packaged cloth is alcohol free, soap free and leaves no greasy residue.

8. Olay Lotion ($5.29) – Similar to the more expensive sets that are sold at the fancy bath and body custom stores, Olay created a line that mimics the unique sets, but sells for much less.  Several scents include Silk Whimsey, Luscious Embrace and other nicely-scented soaps, lotions and more.

9. Olay Cleanser ($8.49) – This inexpensive cleanser clears up blemishes that appear on mature skin, so if middle-aged acne or menopausal hormones are wreaking havoc on your skin, try Olay’s line.

10.  Double Extend Eye Illuminator Eye Liner by L’Oreal ($8.99) – This interesting eye liner pencil has a double-ended applicator.  One end is the dark liner color that works to define and the other point is a white pencil head that is meant to brighten.  A double duty beauty product that works well.

A special thanks to Walgreens for giving me this fun list every month.  I can’t wait to see what is fun, new and unique next month.  Stay tuned and remember to check my website at managedmoms.com for more beauty tips, recipes, pet pics and more.