Tucson neighborhood unveils community mural

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson's Hedrick Acres neighborhood is looking a lot more colorful these days.

The midtown community just unveiled a mural that represents the area's vision.

A new vision incorporating nature into Tucson's Hedrick Acres neighborhood.

Saturday the community unveiled its "Changing hearts and minds mural."  It's a work of art created through the collaboration between CODAC Behavioral Health Services and renowned Tucson artist David Tineo.

"It's a process. The process that people can do great things for our community," said artist David Tineo.

The project began nearly one year ago, with one primary goal in mind.

"We're all the same people, all working to have a good life," said Dona Rivera Gulko from CODAC Behavioral Health Services.

That vision represented by various symbols.

"The Saguaro Cactus can live through anything, through storms, through freezing, through drought," said Gulko.

The blurring of nature and new ideas is now bringing the community together one brush stroke at a time.

"We leave behind something that will say to our community that we can come together and we can achieve great things and we can overcome any obstacle," said Tineo.

It took David Tineo about two months to paint the mural with the help of various community members.