Teacher claims resistance from Dems for Dist. 8 candidacy

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Earlier this week State Senator Frank Antenori officially announced he was exploring a possible run for Congress in District 8.

If wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords can't come back Antenori could end up facing a Tucson elementary school teacher.

Just tossing his hat in the ring earned the political novice the ire of many in his own party.

Anthony Prowell teaches special needs students at Liberty Elementary School.  His latest lesson, if you have a problem with something do something about it.

"And like I said, I complained all my life everybody else does and I thought now is the time to do something," said Prowell.

That something was attempting to run for a seat in Congressional District 8 as a Democrat.

A position held by democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head.

"It boils down to you have to have some party affiliation.  I understand a lot people love her as their congresswoman and that's fine and it doesn't bother me," said Prowell.

The problem is, announcing his candidacy bothered some Southern Arizona Democrats.

Prowell says when he reached out to local Dems about his plans, he got the cold shoulder.

"I tried to speak with people here at the Tucson office and nobody emailed me or called me back," said Prowell.

Officials at the Pima County Democratic Headquarters dispute that claim, saying they have no problem with Prowell's run for office.

"She is doing great things for her constituent service right now.  She's a national treasure.  If he wants to run against her, more power to him.  It's a free country, he's absolutely welcome to do it," said Adam Kinsey from Pima County Democrats.

Prowell says the whole experience soured him on the democratic process or rather the Democrats' process and inspired him to run with a different party.

"I've been meeting with the Green Party.  I had dinner with a bunch of them the other night at one of their meetings," said Prowell.

"If he decided to run as a Green Party that would indicate he wasn't serious about winning, he was serious about getting out there and getting some press and to that end he's already accomplished that goal," said Kinsey.

Prowell says he should know if he will get the Green Party's backing in the next few months.