Get paid for wearing T-shirts? This is an actual job opportunity

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PHOENIX -- How would you like to get paid for wearing a T-shirt? It's a new form of social media advertising and it's taking off.

It's called and it's the brain child of Jason Sadler. From blogs to photos to videos, it's a unique use of social media, and it all centers around a group of people throughout the country wear a specific T-shirt for a specific company.

"It's the only form of social media advertising out there," Sadler explained.

Decked out in the shirt of the day, Sadler, who is from Jacksonville, Fla., stopped by to chat with Tara Hitchcock and explain how it all works (and get in a plug for Furnish 123).

While everything is centered around wearing a T-shirt for a client, there's actually much more to it than that. Sadler, for example, hasn't had a day off in the past three years.

"Every day it's a new company," he said. "I've worked for almost 1,000 days straight."

But the work is so fun it almost doesn't feel like work. The shirt wearers make YouTube videos and host lives shows in addition to blogging and being extremely active on Twitter and Facebook.

"It's that whole content creation thing online that's really big right now," Sadler explained.

That means you have to be comfortable on camera and super creative.

If you think you have what it takes to be a professional shirt wearer like Sadler and his team, visit

Meet Sadler at an informational happy hour this Saturday, Sept. 3 at Furnish 123, 1245 W. Elliot in Tempe (Costco Plaza).

The starting salary is $35,000 with the opportunity to earn bonuses along the way "if you're really awesome at wearing shirts," Sadler said.

The competition is going to be pretty serious. Sadler is only looking for four people.