Woman's kitchen remodel nightmare has happy ending

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - A few months ago we aired a story about a Valley woman who's kitchen contractor took off with her money, abandoned the job, and then wound up passing away.

Since then, however, a lot has changed for Joanne Day.

"I have to take double takes, I do, I'm just so excited to finally get it done it's just been such a long couple of years," Joanne tells us.

Joanne says standing in her kitchen now is like a dream. However, a few months ago when 3 On Your Side arired our first report, she wasn't so happy.

"$4,412 and some change and I've received nothing but a contract."

Nearly $4,500 is what Joanne paid a guy by the name of Lee Span with Rutten Designs to remodel her kitchen.

"I saved up for seven years to get my kitchen done so it's something I really planned for."

After forking over all that money in 2009, Lee Span just abandoned the job and kept giving Joanne excuses. She then found out that he had passed away, leaving her kitchen in shambles.

"You told my story about my contractor taking off with my money and unable to get it back and Kim Toca from LG saw my story and I was shocked, got a phone call right away," Joanne says.

Kim Toca works for LG Hausys which is the home division of the big electronic company LG.  Toca says when he saw Joanne's story he knew he had to do something!

"I've always admired what Gary Harper and 3 On Your Side does for consumers and homeowners and I felt that if there was ever a chance that I could help somebody out in the same way that I would try and do that," Toca tells 3 On Your Side.

And that's exactly what he did.  Toca rounded up a group of contractors and together everyone chipped in. Much of the material and labor were donated and after all of their hardwork Joanne says she wound up with the kitchen she always wanted.

"He got all of his people together and they all kinda pitched in to help me get the project done and they did a really good job," she says.

Toca agrees that it was a group effort.

"As many as a dozen people at one time or another have touched this project and impacted this in a very positive way," he says.

It's something Joanne says would not have happened without 3 On Your Side.

"Thank you 3 On Your Side, I really appreciate all of your help, it's because of you, it put everything in motion and I really appreciate it, very much."

Kim Toca and LG Hyusas rounded up a bunch of licensed contractors to finish the plumbing, countertops, cabinets and everything else in Joanne's kitchen.

See a list of everyone who contributed below.

                Pro Tops
                Owner - Lou Cox
                Kitchen and Bath Cabinets and Countertops
                Phone 623-388-0660

                Joel Lewis Remodeling and Plumbing Services
                Owner - Joel Lewis
                General construction, home remodeling and  plumbing
                Phone 602-708-1412

                Kachina Kitchens
                Owners - Larry Licari & Lisa Massey
                Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops
                Phone 623-229-2290

                Amen Drywall and Paint
                Owner - Joe Rollinson
                Phone 602-525-4717