Hikers rescued in separate incidents

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Search and rescue teams kept busy Sunday with two separate incidents.

A young woman was hiking at a popular recreation site and fell about 60 feet down a mountainside.

"The first thing I did is went in to our overlook and I was able to look upstream and saw the scene down below," said Eric Davis from the Southern Arizona Rescue Association.

Search and rescue crews were called out to help a 19-year-old woman who tumbled about 60 feet down Tanque Verde Falls.

"She had actually slipped from the top of the falls she was about 15-20 feet back and she just started sliding, sliding, sliding, right over the main falls," said Davis.

The young woman was apparently swimming with family when she stepped on a slick rock and lost her footing.

Ground crews went in to stabilize the woman and prepare her to be airlifted.  A chopper flew in from Phoenix to assist.

"We were coming down the mountain and we seen a dust cloud and we looked down and seen the helicopter," said visitor Joe Wilson.

Wilson was one of several motorists who had to pull over so the chopper could land on the dirt road.  He says the rescue efforts show just how dangerous the desert can be.

"You got to be safe, bring plenty of water and sun block obviously you don't want to get sunburned," said Wilson.

"Use your common sense.  I mean, stay where you know, obviously if you're not experienced don't go in areas you don't know," said visitor Stephanie Dorman.

Time was of the essence.  The woman had injuries to her head and torso and temperatures were rising.

"We were able to get shade over her all of us carry space blankets or something and we had enough people down there to hold a space blanket over her and that cuts the heat way down," said Davis.

The chopper lifted the victim to safety and then made several trips back to the falls to pick up rescuers. 

The woman is expected to be okay.

The other desert rescue followed immediately after. Crews responded to the Pima Canyon Finger Rock area to help a man suffering from heat exhaustion.

No air support was needed.

Rescuers remind everyone spending time outdoors to bring plenty of water.