Cardinals fans tailgate in record heat

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The temperature reached 115 degrees near University of Phoenix Stadium on Saturday, but that didn't stop fans from sticking to time- honored football traditions.

The Arizona Cardinals played their pre-season home opener against the San Diego Chargers.

And while the game was sold out, the greens outside of the stadium - usually packed with tailgaters - was relatively quiet.

A few dozen tents contained die hard fans who braved the heat - drinking lots of water, using portable mister systems and staying in the shade to stay cool.

"We do five minute spurts out on the lawn, five minutes throw the football around, go back, sit down and get some water," said Trent Parcells.

Fans said they didn't mind the heat, it's more palatable than a loss by the Cardinals.

"A loss is more painful than this heat, I'm used to this heat but I'm not used to losing," said Keith Newsome.

Temperatures in Glendale were warmer than Sky Harbor, which hit 112, only a degree short of the record for the day.

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