Valley woman out $700 for unauthorized withdrawals

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PHOENIX - Jill Davis says her declining health caused her to fall behind on some of her bills and that's when she got a recent phone call.

"We did have this credit company that called us and they seemed like they wanted to help us out and we agreed to pay them $100," Jill tells 3 On Your Side.

The company called City Investment Services told Jill they could help her consolidate her debt. She agreed to give them her Chase debit card number and authorized the initial $100 payment.

Jill says she thought it was a one-time charge, at least until City Investment Services sent her an official agreement.

"They were going to send us paperwork via email and we were going to sign it and send it back and that way we would authorize them to take more money out of our account, we never did recieve that."

When the documents never arrived Jill got suspicious and went to a local Chase branch to make sure City Investment Services would not be able to take out any more money from her bank account. However, she got bad news.

"They took out $100 and a week later they took out $695 which was not authorized by us."

Angry by what she says was an unauthorized withdrawal, Jill says she complained to Chase.

"They did put the $695 back into our account and gave us a letter that this was an erroneous charge and they were crediting back our account."

However, Jill says that one month later $695 was taken back out of her account and this time Chase told her the charge would stick.

"They said they received additional paperwork from that company stating that they were able to take that out of our account."

That paperwork, Jill says, was a contract from City Investment Services, a document she she says she had never seen before and one she says she certainly never signed.

"It reads on the bottom, if this is not signed this document is considered null and void," says Jill.
She's right, there's absolutely no signature on the contract. Jill questions how Chase could validate a contract that she never agreed to causing her to lose almost $700.

"Their decision had been made and it was a final decision and they were not going to reimburse the $695 so that's when we contacted Channel 3."

3 On Your Side first tried contacting City Investment Services but no one ever got back to us. Then we contacted Chase which looked into the matter again for us.

After a second review, Chase says their decision was correct. They claim that Jill must have given "verbal authorization" to withdraw money.

Jill maintains she never made such an approval and she can't believe her own bank isn't backing her.

 "Banks can play God with you, they can do anything they want, take your money without any signatures, without anything at all and do whatever they want," Jill tells 3 On Your Side.

City Investment Services also goes by the name City Services. They have an "F" rating with The Better Business Bureau.

As for Chase bank, I was a little surprised by their decision. However, they are looking into the case for a third time per my request. 3 On Your Side will let you know what happens.