Parents cry foul after Tempe preschool closes

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- Two and a half weeks after the preschool at St. Augustine's in Tempe started for the year, parents are preparing for their children's final day of class.  

In a letter to parents handed out Monday night, staff at St. Augustine's told families that Friday would be the school's final day for the 35 full-time students.

Staff said the small number of children was hurting the school's finances. In the six years the school was in operation. Staff says the balances never got out of the red.

Parents say they understand times are tough, but they feel the short notice was unacceptable. Two families say the announcement left them with only four days to find a new plan for childcare.

"You know, you expect something like this from a big corporation maybe and I'm fully aware of the economy and I understand these things happen, but the way this was handled is just wrong," said Stephanie Edwards, who says she had no idea this was a possibility when she signed up her 3-month-old a few months ago.

"I'm sure that it seems like they got short notice and we've apologized for that, but we've come to a place where we just don't have anymore funds," said Gil Stafford with St. Augustine's.

He says staff are praying for teachers, that they're able to find work elsewhere quickly and he admits that the school could have done a better job notifying parents.