Tucson police unveil new DUI enforcement equipment

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Tucson Police Department has a new tool in its fight to stop drunk and impaired drivers.

The equipment has come just in time for the Labor Day DUI task force.

Tuesday was only a test and show-and-tell of the new Tucson police command post vehicle.

"Our agency was the first agency to receive one of these six vans built for over $175,000 a piece," said Sgt. Chris Andreacola from the Tucson Police Department.

Inside the van officers have state of the art equipment to test impaired or drunk drivers.

"We can do breath testing we can also do blood testing through our phlebotomy program we can also due drug recognition evaluations," said Sgt. Andreacola.

TPD says having the van will save them time and get officers back out on the streets.

"Prior to the van we have to either take somebody to the station which would of been a common occurrence, so it gets him back into the field at least a good 15 to 30 minutes faster than normal," said Andreacola.

The vehicle has been in operation for the last three months.  With a short staff and cutbacks, Tucson police believe this tool will help them in their crackdown on DUIs.

"It has been very productive.  We've processed well over a hundred people inside of this van, which when we talk about man hours you're talking about probably at least a hundred saved man hours," said Andreacola.

TPD says the van will be a vital part in the Labor Day impaired driving crackdown which began over the weekend and runs through the labor day weekend.