UPDATE: Woman found dead inside Surprise home with no AC

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SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Surprise Fire says a 70-year-old woman was found dead in her home Wednesday morning, and it's being blamed on the heat.

Authorities say it was an air conditioner repairman who found her upon returning to her home that morning. it was 107 degrees inside the house at the Happy Trails Golf Community. The same repairman was at the home Tuesday night to work on her broken unit, but when he couldn't finish the job that night, he reportedly offered her a stay at a hotel to stay out of the heat. She refused.

The name of the woman hasn't been released, but several neighbors tell us the woman living there was Sandy Ralston. Neighbors describe her as somewhat of a loner, and a person who didn't often accept help offered by her community. 

"All she would have had to say is one word to anybody and I heard via the grapevine that somebody did offer her a place to stay and she refused," said neighbor Peg Conklin. "Bless her heart but that was foolish."

Some who live nearby are already planning to check on other residents in the the wake of Ralston's death.

"My neighbor next door asked if I would consider walking around, I'm in better health than he is, and asking everybody if they're okay," said Sharon Plumlee.

And they're not taking no for an answer.