Neighbors surprised by family shooting in Picture Rocks

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A Picture Rocks family continues to recover in the hospital after, according to police, the son opened fire on his parents and then shot himself.

Neighbors say the Bishops were quiet and now emerging details shed light on that violent incident.

"We've never had any issues no problems, no disturbances.  I havent seen no police officers here like that at all," said neighbor Robin Covey.

The Picture Rocks community is reeling after a night of bloodshed in their own backyard.

"You know, you wave, 'Hi, how are you, how's the kids,' this family, no," said Covey.

Robin Covey has lived near the Bishop family for 17 years.  John and Lisa Bishop and their son Beau didn't share much, however Covey was around when the family split ten years ago.

"Just that she didn't get along with her husband so she was divorcing," said Covey.

Pima County Sheriff's deputies are looking into every facet of the family dynamic, to figure out why 25-year-old son Beau Bishop would shoot his parents then turn the gun on himself.

"Mother and son lived elsewhere, but they were there visiting and apparently a very calm situation turned very very drastically different," said Deputy Dawn Barkman from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

All three are still receiving treatment at UMC.  So far, investigators haven't pinned down a motive.

"My understanding is that the weapon was inside the residence when the son and the ex-wife came over to visit," said Barkman.

Did Beau suffer mental illness?  Or did tempers flare?  Investigators are trying to find the answers. Covey says back when Beau lived in the house, he appeared to be a typical teen.

"He'd you know, be playing football out in the yard with my nephews," said Covey.

No the neighborhood is filled with speculation and guesses as deputies continue their investigation.

Investigators say Beau Bishop doesn't have a criminal record and they don't know whether deputies had been to the residence before.