No air conditioning on Mesa school buses; drivers and parents upset

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Some parents, students, and drivers in Mesa are a little hot under the collar, literally. 

They say they're tired of school buses that don't have air conditioning.

One parent says she has complained to Mesa Public Schools twice. Her son said,  "Every time we get on the bus, it's very hot.  We can't wait until we get to the house, because we sweat a lot and can't wait to get off the bus."

The school district admits it's a problem but adds that it has been adding new buses with air conditioning over the past five years. 

The district has 420 bus routes. Most of the buses on those routes have air conditioning except  for 62 of them.

Money for buses does not come from the district's daily budget. It comes from bond elections so voters have to approve an increase.

Officials hope to have another bond election next year.