Pima County Sheriff's deputies watching for drivers ignoring school bus signs, even judges

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's back to school time, which also means lots of students are back on the bus.

Sheriff's deputies have their eyes on drivers who don't obey they law when a school bus deploys it's stop sign and flashing lights.

Pima County Sheriff's deputy Ryan Roher trails an Amphi school bus, to make sure the kids are safe and the drivers behave.

"We're looking for people that are not stopping for the school bus stop arm when it comes out.  There are people that just don't pay attention and they miss it," said Roher.

Roher has some help, an undercover deputy is riding the bus on the lookout for violators.

"You know we're very large.  We're forty feet long and we're yellow and we have have a lot of lights flashing and it doesn't seem to do any good," said Rosemarie Meele.

Bus driver Rosemarie Meele says dozens of motorists ignore her stop sign every week.

"When the people do have to stop, they get mad.  They yell a lot," said Meele.

The bus turns onto Orange Grove and suddenly two suspected violators are spotted.

Deputy Roher pulls them over and immediately recognizes one of the drivers.

He's a local judge.  But just like the motorist stopped behind him, he's receiving a fine of nearly $500.

I know the law.
I know you do.
So you got to do what you got to do, deputy.

"I didn't look at the vehicle and go, 'OK, this is such and such and I'm going to treat this person differently,'" said deputy Roher.

Both drivers claim they didn't notice the stop sign, but Roher hopes a ticket teaches them a lesson about safety.

Bus drivers say they encounter the most unruly drivers on Oracle where not all three lanes will always come to a stop.  The message here is if you see the sign, hit your brakes.

The county plans to post signs around school bus stops to warn drivers there is a stop nearby.

Pima County Sheriff's deputies watching for drivers ignoring school bus signs, even judges