Farm fresh goods at your fingertips

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PHOENIX — For Cheryl Marquez nothing really compares to fresh produce. "I am in it really for the taste. I love food. I like that it tastes good."

Now Cheryl knows exactly what Valley farmers will be harvesting each week thanks to a new company called Chow Locally. 

Cheryl says, "Think of it as like farm fresh food that you order online and you actually get the pick the farmers you want to get it from."

For Cheryl, getting fresh food fast is important but so is staying within her budget. "I had just looked at a honeydew at Walmart. It's $2.50 - it cost the same at the farmer's market, why wouldn't I get it fresh?”

Every week, Chow Locally posts a menu on its website featuring a selection unlike any other.

It’s a list of produce and meats ready for harvest from Valley farmers and ranchers. Maya Dailey is one of many farmers who have joined Chow Locally. Dailey explains, "We're growing, we're marketing, we're merchandising, we're distributing and so any help that a company can offer us to move product is really a positive thing."

Co-Founder Derek Slife says, "Think of it like Craigslist but for food.”

Slife and Chris Wharton came up with the concept for Chow Locally.

One feature is giving customers the ability to customize their orders. Slife says, "There is no more mystery boxes, there's no more having stuff that's been sitting around for two or three months.

We know the stuff you ordered has been harvested that week." Because we know what’s being harvested, freshness is guaranteed. Wharton says, "We try to minimize the time from harvest to actual sale and consumption which can preserve nutrients, that's an important aspect of it."

Orders must be placed by Thursday and by the weekend, all you have to worry about is what you’re going to eat first.

Slife explains, "When you come and pick it up, it's a quick exchange, hand you your bag, shake your hand and we'll see you next week.”

You can learn more about Chow Locally at