Reptiles rescued from hoarder in northern Arizona

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Seven reptiles, including snakes up to 16 feet long, have been rescued from a home in northern Arizona.

The reptiles are underweight and because they haven’t been properly fed, they are not happy. 

The staff at the Herpetological Society in North Scottsdale carefully handled the four pythons and small lizards surrendered Monday by a northern Arizona man whose collection grew out of control.

All of the animals were living inside his mobile home with his family.

The owner had a particularly hard time giving up his Albino Burmese python, which the Herpetological Society staff said is vastly underweight and needs medical help.

Negotiations with the hoarder weren't easy, but after four hours of that kind of persuasion, the hoarder gave up his four biggest snakes.

The hoarder kept dozens more at home, though.

The few snakes and lizards that made it out have already received medical care and the staff is defrosting giant rabbits to feed them on Tuesday.

In a few months, when they're healthier, the slithering snakes seized Monday will be given to zoos.