Rejuvination for Tucson's Paul Bunyan

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TUCSON, Ariz. --Drivers passing the corner of Stone and Glenn may notice someone looking at them.  The blue eyes are hard to miss.

The eyes, beard, ax and boots belong to Paul, Paul Bunyan.

The big guy first showed up on the scene back in 1964, purchased by Leo of Leo's Auto Supply for just over $1,200.

"It's been here 50 years and it needed a rejuvenation for some time," said Roy Zarow from the Coronado Heights Neighborhood Association.

Through the years Paul has seen a lot where Glenn Street meets Stone Avenue and he has become a symbol of the Coronado Heights neighborhood.

But over time his paint faded and Paul needed a little pick me up.

"Paul needed to be scrubbed down.  He needed to be prepped," said Zarow.

Roy Zarow rallied neighbors and local businesses to pitch in and restore the statue.  With the help of Pro Neighborhoods and the United Way, they got the funds to bring back Paul's shine.

"We even had people donating their services, guarding the scaffolding through the night.  That was quite a thing," said Zarow.

More importantly, Zarow says Paul's presence on that corner has brought the neighborhood together.

"It was amazing, the amount of people who rolled their window down or stopped by and expressed their own pride in living in this neighborhood," said Zarow.

Today Paul stands tall with a fresh coat of paint and a brand new ax, A symbol of Coronado Heights and the Bunyan gang, willing to keep him in top shape.

Coronado Heights neighbors say they plan to put up a symbolic statue on each of the remaining three corners of the north side neighborhood.