National guard troops deployed to Afghanistan with special job

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PHOENIX - If you ask the soldiers you get one answer.

“I’m excited about it, it’s a new country,” said Spc. Raul Sanchez.

But ask their loved ones and you get a completely different story.

“He’s still able to get hurt,” said Barbara Huerta.

Twenty six Arizona Army National Guard troops have been called up to go to the battle grounds in Afghanistan.

“I’m going to miss him, that’s for sure,” said Spc. Tony Rojas while holding his 15-month-old son.

This is the first time Spc. Rojas is being deployed and he leaves behind his son, daughter and wife. He’ll be gone for about a year.

“Being the soldier you want to go out there and do the best you can and see a little action, but at the same time I don’t want to stress her out and I want to make sure she’s going to be OK,” said Spc. Rojas.

The troops with the 159th Finance Detachment and most likely won’t be heading to the front lines since they’re military bankers.

“I think currency and money is one of those things that keeps us grounded so when we’re out there it shows, it shows that we’re doing something,” commented Spc. Sanchez.

These guys say there’s still plenty of stress since they’re dealing with a lot of money that isn’t their own. 

“It’s the government’s money so, mess up that and you have a tough road ahead of you messing up the government’s money,” said Spc. Jose Luis Huerta.

The troops have one more night to spend with their families then they head out early Tuesday morning. They’ll spend about a month at Fort Dix in New Jersey, then head to Afghanistan.

The last time the 159th Finance Detachment group was deployed was in 2004 to 2005.