Danny White talks about back treatment at AZ Pain Centers

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PHOENIX - If pain is taking over your life there is something you can do about it and AZ Pain Centers can help.

For former NFL quarterback Danny White, it wasn't long after he retired that he started having back pain.

The pain White experiences is a very typical low back pain that so many people have regardless of if they played in the NFL or not.

He said in the morning he would be stiff. He had to take an anti-inflammatory before he would play golf. He said it got worse and worse and he was trying all kinds of pain remedies from medications to chiropractors to help with the discomfort.

White found out he had chronic low back pain. After trying a variety of options, he decided to go to AZ Pain Centers. There he got help with treatment and found relief.

Many people changing their life around and get back to what they enjoy doing.

Low back pain is a costly problem that can be debilitating.

AZ Pain Centers can treat a variety of symptoms and types of pain to help eliminate the discomfort.

White said he is now back to doing what he wants to do with no issues; playing golf, yard work and being outdoors. 

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