How to write your kids a book, leave a legacy

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PHOENIX – Part of being a parenting is teaching your kids, passing along everything you know. It’s not always as easy as it sounds. Conversations can be fleeting, but books are not. is a way to do just that – write your child a book of direction and advice to share your wisdom and, of course, your love. Forever.

President and founder of David Walters sat down with Scott Pasmore to explain the idea and how it works. “One of the main things is it leaves a legacy,” Walters said. “It’s something that your kids can have forever. … If fact, your kids could give it down to another generation.”

It’s a chapter-based setup so you can choose to include certain elements – marriage, children, religion, etc. -- or not.

“Within each chapter, it’s like a greeting-card concept,” Walters explained.

The site features shared content from other parents. If you find something you like, something that says what you feel, you can download it into your book and modify it as you like. You also have the option to write something original.

The book starts with some personal information about you and things you like as a child, growing up and as an adult.

“It helps you connect with your kids,” Walters said. “It helps build a bond between you and your kids.”

It can also be a way to tackle

Walters gave his book to his kids one Christmas morning.

“Quite admittedly, they didn’t read it right away,” he said. While they have since read it, that wasn’t the entire point.

“I want them to be able to look at that book when important moments come or when they really need to look at it,” he said. “They’ll have it forever.”

Basic books start at $49.

To learn more, visit or email You also can call 949-633-2325.