Hotline: Thursday, Sept. 15

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Rachel Harris - Busy School Year Healthy Meal Ideas
For more on Rachel’s segment, visit & read her column.

Robert Black Fashion - Decades of Pretty in Pink
For more information on Fashions by Robert Black visit www.FashionbyRobertBlack  or call 480-664-7770.  Models provided by Ford Robert Black Agency. Contact  or call 480-966-2537.

Mom Squad – Where the Moms Go When Times Get Tough
To see more about the Mom Squad visit or visit our Facebook at Your Life A to Z.

Barb Fenzl – Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars
To make Barb’s recipe for Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars  please check out our recipe file

Dr. Shadow Asgari - Dental Injuries in Children
For more tips  on home dental care for infants & toddlers, first dental check-ups, first orthodontic check-up, kid dental trauma & emergencies visit or LIKE our Your Life A to Z fan page on Facebook.

God’s Garden Treasures
For more information on God’s Garden Treasures visit or call 480-603-7673.