3TV News at 10 p.m. - Get a sneak peek at the new show

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PHOENIX -- An innovative leader in local news for years, 3TV is offering Phoenix metro viewers a fresh and interesting new alternative to news at 10 p.m.

Anchored by Carey Peña and Fields Moseley, 3TV News at 10 p.m. will be like nothing you've seen before and it premieres tonight.

With just hours to go until their first broadcast, Peña and Moseley, who came bearing gifts of the edible kind,  met up with the "Good Morning! Arizona" crew -- people they rarely see in the newsroom -- to give them the lowdown on 3TV News at 10 p.m.

The show is designed to interact with viewers, getting their photos and videos on TV as fast as technologically possible.

"We want to be up-to-the moment with everything that's happening," Peña explained. "We're really going to mix it up."

"People are connected anyway, and they're connected while they're watching television. People are multitasking with all of these devices," Moseley said. "If they want to make contact with us, if they have story ideas or they're seeing something in their community, we want to hear from them."

"Our job is to get the news, and we have thousands of people out there who are willing and ready to tell us what's going on in their community," Peña continued. "There's no better tool than folks writing in on Twitter or Facebook."

3TV News at 10 p.m. is designed to be what the audience wants it to be. It's the stories that are important to you.

If you have a story, photos of video, let Peña and Moseley know. They can't wait to hear from you.

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