Freshman fill campus as U of A start approaches

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Classes kick off next week at the University of Arizona.

Many upperclassman will make their way back to the Old Pueblo this weekend, but Thursday college freshman took over the campus.

It's another year at the U of A and that means another class of freshman are ascending on the campus

But this year, students will be getting to live at the new residence hall at the corner of 6th Street and Euclid.

"To be here you have to be an honors student. It's pretty cool because you get your own dorms with people who think like you, who are academically motivated.  So, if you're watching, go be an honors student and you can live in these dorms," said incoming Freshman Nathan Yee.

Nathan Yee just moved in to the new halls and is settling in quite nicely.  As he watched others unpack their belongings and begin the transition, he was excited for the what this new chapter may bring.

"Probably the people because without the people, college life really isn't anything.  I get to meet new friends.  I get to have a whole different experience.  I get to be challenged intellectually," said Yee.

The new buildings will house close to 700 students, all honor students like Nathan who plans to study computer science and math, as well as enjoy U of A's rich sports life.

And though he's away from home for the first time.  His family is never far away when he does want to see them.

"I'm really close to my family, so it was a big change.  But I'm still skyping with them, talking to them on the phone, even though we're still a couple hours away, I'm still seeing them and talking to them," said Yee.

Freshmen will have a weekend full of activities and then start class with the rest of the school on Monday.